About Showtime Management

A comedy management agency needs to take pride in three areas: representing fantastic and exciting comedy talent, looking after a wide range of acts to perfectly suit any comedy venue or event, and finally building a reputation of trust and reliability with clubs and clients who rely on us for the perfect and highest quality evening of stand-up.

At Showtime Management, we treat all these responsibilities with equal passion and enthusiasm.

We are very particular and selective in who we choose to represent. This means having to politely turn down many acts looking for representation every year, whilst continually scouting for the most exciting new talent, so that our roster remains as powerful and dependable as possible.

We purposefully represent comics who have gained hard-won reputations as being the best in different fields, and our aim is to be a happy home to a diverse family of comedy talent.

We get to know our clients, too. Whether you run a long-established comedy club or are an event organiser bravely experimenting by hiring a comedian for your function, we know how essential it is to get a booking right.

Not just expert at hiring out talent, we know from years of precious experience what makes a comedy night work perfectly.

We look forward to hearing about your enquiry – and don't worry, you’re in safe hands with us!

Showtime Management was set up by Lee Chean, with the sole aim of bringing the funny to the masses, by representing some of the finest headline comedians in the UK.